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About Us

Dr.L.E.V.Massey, Editor-In-Chief of Pray India Newspaper.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

God has blessed us with print and Electronic Media.

“Pray India” Through this newspaper we have reached 5040 States, Districts, Cities, Talukas, Villages, All Catholic Churches, Embassies In India, Senior Politicians, Educational Institutes, Orphanages, Oldage, All other Denomination, Christian Media, Bible Colleges, etc.

God has blessed us with print media “Pray India”. Through this newspaper we are raising Christians voice for justice, spreading the word of God and encouraging over 25,000 readers every month around India.

By the Grace of GOD we are connected over 3000 Christian trusts and distribute around India 5040 States, Districts, Cities, Talukas, and Villages.Over 3,00,000 Members of the churches benefited and protected from Pray India Physically, Spiritually and Financially.

We encourage every Christian to serve through their articles and testify God’s Glory in his Life (Testimony) to encourage others.